vacuum pump Mas Vicenç

It’s always better to finish the bottle but, if not, don’t let it oxidize quickly! With the Mas Vicenç vacuum pump you will extend the life of the wine.



Mas Vicenç corkscrew

  • Variety: It is made 100% with Muscat of Frontignan.
  • Harvest: 2019. Manual recollection. We harvested the Muscat grapes during the third week of September with a good balance between the quantity and the general quality in all our different four parcels.
  • Production: A limited production of 500 bottles of 75 cls.
  • Elaboration: Fermentation and a subsequent maceration in stainless steel tanks with daily controls of density and temperature.
  • Vitta Moment: It is an ideal drink for any type of appetizer; served with a glass of wine, an ice cube and a slice of orange. It is also nice blended with dark chocolate or even enjoyed as a cocktail, releasing the creativity of the consumer.
Vi vitta
  • Visual appearance: Its colour is pale with green and bright tones.
  • Bouquet: We can find some floral and citrus aromas preserving at all times the memory of the recently harvested grapes.
  • Flavour: Its mouth is fine and a bit creamy. It gives off sensations of the grape itself, tropical fruits and white flowers.
  • Serving temperature: Very cold, above 4 and 6 degrees Celsius.

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