The story began in 1953 when the farmer Vicenç Ferré was able to acquire the property. It was a traditional Catalan farmhouse where he had grown up and the first thing he did was baptize it with the name of Mas Vicenç. Since then, five generations have advanced on where the vine crops have always been very important for the family wellness.

The revolution of Vicenç

In 2005, the eldest son of the fifth generation and the next Vicenç of the family saga, began to make the first wines of Mas Vicenç from the most appreciated grapes of the own estate. The dream of Vicenç was to make wine of those older vines that transported him to the childhood memories and it came true after gaining knowledge and experience as a winemaker in Priorat and the South East region of France.

It is a pure family work with the boost provided by the youth where the aim is to create modern and daring wines that re-evolve the tradition.

The Present

Nowadays, the winery is represented by the four members of the family that produce wines and olive oil from the best family plantations. The two brothers Vicenç and Xavier Ferré lead the project as a winemaker and sommelier, the father Francesc Ferré pampers the fields and the mother, Maria Morató, leads the administration to achieve the perfect balance.

Francesc Ferré

Wine grower. Perseverance, passionate about the vineyard and getting the job done well.

Maria Morató

Administration. Control, management and balance.

Vicenç Ferré Morató

Winemaker. Creator of the winery. Innovation and technology.

Xavier Ferré Morató

Sommelier. Commercialization, Marketing and wine tourism.


Mas Vicenç s’empara geogràficament al nord de la comarca de l’Alt Camp, a la zona més interior i elevada de la D.O. Tarragona i limítrofs amb les denominacions d’origen Conca de Barberà i Penedès.

L’alçada d’entre 480 i 510 metres sobre el nivell del mar i la ventilació contínua amb els vents de serè i marinada donen unes particularitats úniques als nostres vins. Es distingeixen sòls amb còdol, pissarra i de caràcter calcari segons l’alçada i el clima predominant és mediterrani. Les finques es cultiven respectant el medi ambient.


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