We already have the new vintages from the harvest 2018

We have recently bottled the new vintages of the young white wine El Terrat, the rosé wine Flors i Violes and the sweet wine Vi del Vent. All three wines come from this last harvest and its freshness in mouth and aromas are fantastic now! In addition, we also have available the vintage 2016 of […]

An unforgettable year.

It’s time to look back and thank all the people who have helped us to achieve the success during this year 2018. Dear family, friends, clients, suppliers, wine tourists and more, thank you very much! It has been a very positive year in all aspects, both professional and personal, and we are convinced that the […]

Chocolates and wines, last edition of the year.

Next Sunday 4th of November we organize the latest edition of the year of the activity ‘Xocolata i Vida’. This experience of union between the best handmade chocolate and wines is always organized on the first Sundays of the months of March, May, September and November. The objective is to bring the world of blending […]

An optimal fruit

The harvest of this year is generally very good. The vineyards have been benefited from higher registers in rainfall during the year and this has been reflected in a significant increase in the amount of grapes. However,  the task of prevention of diseases in the vineyard has had to be very rigorous. Today, 25th of […]

Why do we throw grapes away one month before the harvest?

It seems a contradiction and yes, it may also seem like an act with a negative standpoint. What sense does it have after working the vines all year long?  Is it necessary to remove almost 40% of production of a vineyard? Which positive effects will we have on wine? Until not so many years ago, […]

First day of the activity ‘Gastronòmica de Mas Vicenç’

A group of professors from Segur de Calafell have been the first to enjoy the Gastronòmica experience of Mas Vicenç. [Tour around the vineyard] + [Tour inside the winery] + [6 dishes & 6 wines commented by the sommelier of Mas Vicenç] = Pleasures for the palate! Greetings, Mas Vicenç Team

Three new prizes at the 24th edition of the DO Tarragona Wine Awards.

The ‘Teatret del Serrallo’ hosted the last Thursday 7th of June the ceremony of the 24th edition of the DO Tarragona Wine Awards. The blind tasting took place a few weeks ago at the University of Oenology URV and had the technical direction of the professor Montse Nadal at the head of a tasting panel […]

We’ve planted Malvasia, we’ve opened new horizons.

This May we have planted aromatic malvasia, a new variety in our region in Tarragona. We are committed to the white and autochthonous varieties again. Which kind of wine will we produce? we’ll let you know in three years!

8th of April, Spring Walk&Wine.

47th edition of the wine tourism experience Walk&Wine with the restaurant La Sort del Pont d’Armentera. Young people, dynamism and tradition are very distinctive elements of this restaurant, located just 5km next to Mas Vicenç. This Sunday we’ll blend their best cuisine with our wines, among vineyards and in the middle of a beautiful spring […]

Official Opening of the new wine shop

The last 12th of March, we organized the official opening of the new and multi-use wine shop named ‘Marinada’. With a capacity of 80 people, this space will allow us to grow and potentiate the wine tourism. It is located in front of the vineyard and it has all the essential elements to organize different […]

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