The multiple benefits of the snow

The multiple benefits of the snow

We don’t know if we will remember the name of the snow storm (Filomena) in a few years, but the beautiful images it is offering us will surely be etched in our retinas.

We hadn’t seen this huge quantity of snow for a long time!

The vineyards, the cereal, the olive trees and other crops, will also remember this snowfall as it will nourish the plants for many many days. ‘A year of snow is a good year’, remember the elders of the village.

They refer precisely to these benefits that snow gives to the earth; on the one hand, the contribution of moisture over a long period of time, but it is also good for the decomposition of the ground lumps and the low temperatures that accompany them, which will respect the vegetative cycle and avoid multiple unwanted fungi and insects.

You are welcome snow, always!


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