Why do we throw grapes away one month before the harvest?

Why do we throw grapes away one month before the harvest?

It seems a contradiction and yes, it may also seem like an act with a negative standpoint. What sense does it have after working the vines all year long? Is it necessary to remove almost 40% of production of a vineyard? Which positive effects will we have on wine?

The grapes to the ground before the harvest


Until not so many years ago, there was a great objective above all and it was to produce the maximum grapes that were possible. The land was cultivated based on its fertility and capacity to produce.

Nowadays, however, the concept has changed and there is a priority with quality above quantity. Evolution in people and life also has its effect on the world of wine, and for this reason, techniques that were used few years ago are now simply unthinkable.

In this particular case, the 鈥榩re-harvest鈥 helps us to balance the production of a vineyard and allows us to improve its maturation and health status of the fruit. We mainly carry out this job in the young vineyards due to their great production capacity and will always give us a superior qualitative result! Will we notice it in the glass of wine? Definitively yes.

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