Below is a list of the most frequent questions that our customers ask us. If your questions remains unanswered, contact us directly by phone or email from the winery found in the contact section of our website.



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I put in my email addres and password but cannot acess my personal account?

You may have registered with another email account or the password entered may not be correct. Press the ‘Remember my password’ button to receive it again. If you do not receive it, you may have typed the email address incorrectly. Try again once you receive the new password and if the problem persists, contact us again.

Do I need to be registered to be able to make a purchase?

No, but you must provide all your data at the end of the purchase to be able to proceed with the invoice, collection and delivery.


How do I make a purchase?

Every time you want to buy a product, enter the quantity and press the Buy button. The products will be added to the basket and you can consult it whenever you want. In case you should want to change the product, purchase quantity or eliminate an item, the basket can be easily modified.

After completing your purchase, press the validate or finish purchase option and you will be directed to the confirmation and payment process. Next, a form will request all your delivery information, the total price and the transportation price will be shown, depending on the weight and value of the purchase. You will also be asked for payment information.



Are all the products in stock?

Normally we have stock for all the products in the warehouse. If in any case one of the products is out of stock, we will contact you in order to find the best solution.

We could change the product for one of similar value or higher, we could make a partial delivery and, once we had the product again, make a new shipment on our own, or we could also pay the difference. In any case we would always warn of the ‘stock outage’ on the website.

Is the purchase process secure?

All processes from registration to completion of the purchase are totally secure. Security is a priority for us and, for this reason, the most critical moments of the purchase, such as the payment, are made through an electronic payment gateway. With this gateway, during the purchase phase, you will really find yourself on the pages of the bank, so sensitive data is only available to this entity. At no time do we have access to your credit card number or validation data, only the bank accesses them. This is a guarantee for both the client and for us, as this data is fully guaranteed to be beyond the reach of third parties.

Should the wine be bought by bottle or box?

The wine can be purchased in individual bottles as there is no minimum purchase and also in whole boxes of six bottles where there will always be a special discount.


Where can I see the products that I have already selected?

You just need to open the shopping cart. The simplest way is to put the cursor over the icon of the basket in the right margin, and it will be displayed with its contents. In the top menu, you can also press ‘my cart’, where you are previously informed of the number of products in it.


Do the prices include VAT?

Yes. All prices include VAT, both for the products and the transport.




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Are delivery costs included in the price?

No. Delivery costs depend on factors such as distance or weight. Once the shopping basket is finished, in the final process, you will be asked to confirm a delivery address. At this time, with this data, you will be shown the corresponding rate.


How long does it take for an order to arrive?

For orders with a destination on the peninsula, the delivery time after confirming the payment, ranges between 48 and 72 hours, although in many cases the time is less. For the Balearic Islands, delivery usually takes between 72 and 96 hours. In both cases, weekends are not considered as useful time since logistics companies do not work during them.


Can I receive my order at work?

Yes. When processing your order, we ask for a delivery address to calculate the delivery charges. This address can be that of your work, that of an acquaintance, etc. Try to make the data as clear as possible so that the delivery can be carried out successfully.

They brought me the order but there was no-one there to collect it ...

Transportation agencies usually contact you in advance to arrange a delivery schedule. They are the main losers in the case of no-one being able to receive the order, as they will have to make a second attempt. If there is no-one there, they will leave a note indicating a telephone number to arrange the delivery. The process is exactly the same as with any other package you receive through an agency.

A broken bottle has arrived...

If upon receiving the box you notice that there is a broken or damaged bottle, it is advisable not to accept the order. The transport company has very clear guidelines for not delivering damaged orders.


Do I have to pay the transportation company?

No. By not accepting the payment against reimbursement, in paying for the order, all possible expenses are paid, so there is no need to pay anything to the carrier.


Do you ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla?

Yes. The transport company that we collaborate with can get to these destinations without any problem.


Do you ship to UK?

Yes. Request information on transport directly to the winery.


Can I send mu order as a gift to another person?

Yes. When you provide the shipping address, enter the details of the desired recipient. You can also add a specialised gift batch and a personalised message, at no additional cost.


Where is my order?

From the moment you place an order, our system will send you several notifications indicating what state of preparation or delivery your order is in. You can also see the order status on our website.




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What payment methods are there?

There are three types of payment:

  • By credit card
  • By wire transfer
Can I pay cash on delivery?

No. From Mas Vicenç, we believe that the added cost would be excessive and would move away from our policy of offering the best quality at the best possible price.


What credit cards are allowed?

The admitted cards depend solely and exclusively on the bank that manages the operations. In general, all European credit and debit cards are accepted.


Why am I being asked for my credit card PIN?

The payment system is totally secure and is made in a bank, it is carried out according to the agreements and security systems that the issuer of the credit card has set. In some cases it can be your PIN, in other cases, the security code that appears on the back of the card or simply the confirmation by means of a code that the holder receives by SMS.


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