El vi del vent, naturally sweet wine


Mas Vicenç presents a wine which goes beyond the concept that surrounds the world of sweet wines. This is ‘El Vi del Vent’, a sweet modern, innovative and surprising character in every way. A sweet fragance of wine.

This product has a weight of 1 kg and a capacity of 50cl



Blend Muscat of Frontignan. 
2022. Manual selection and picking. The aroma obtained comes from an early harvest, in the last week of August, to ensure a unique freshness and more exotic flavours.
Production El ‘Vi del vent’ is elaborated naturally within 45 days. Fermented in stainless steel vats, with temperature control. A lower temperature and subsequent filtration allows high levels of residual sugar to be maintained in the wine, giving it a sweet and varietal taste.

vino dulce de tarragona

Visual appearance Very fine and clear.
Bouquet Hints of freshly harvested grapes and fruits such as peach and mango.
Flavour Its natural sweetness nicely offsets the wine’s acidity. El Vi del vent delights due to its subtle and fresh taste in the palate.
Pairing Goes perfectly with contrasting flavours, such as dark chocolate or blue cheeses. It also pairs nicely with dry fruits, foie gras and many other dishes! 
Serving temperature:
6 ºC.


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