El vi del vent, naturally sweet wine

Muscat of Frontignan

Mas Vicenç presents a wine which goes beyond the concept that surrounds the world of sweet wines. This is ‘El Vi del Vent’, a sweet modern, innovative and surprising character in every way. A sweet fragance of wine.


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A sweet wine fragrance

  • Blend Muscat of Frontignan.
  • Harvest 2019. Manual selection and picking. The aroma obtained comes from an early harvest, in the last week of August, to ensure a unique freshness and more exotic flavours.
  • Production El ‘Vi del vent’ is elaborated naturally within 45 days. Fermented in stainless steel vats, with temperature control. A lower temperature and subsequent filtration allows high levels of residual sugar to be maintained in the wine, giving it a sweet and varietal taste.
  • Visual appearance Very fine and clear.
  • Bouquet Hints of freshly harvested grapes and fruits such as peach and mango.
  • Flavour Its natural sweetness nicely offsets the wine’s acidity. El Vi del vent delights due to its subtle and fresh taste in the palate.
  • Pairing Goes perfectly with contrasting flavours, such as dark chocolate or blue cheeses. It also pairs nicely with dry fruits, foie gras and many other dishes!
  • Serving temperature: 6 ºC.

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Weight 1 kg