Pack Sweet experience: Arlequí + miel + Vi del Vent


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Vi del Vent: Very fine and clear. Hints of freshly harvested grapes and fruits such as peach and mango. Its natural sweetness nicely offsets the wine’s acidity. El Vi del vent delights due to its subtle and fresh taste in the palate. Goes perfectly with contrasting flavours, such as dark chocolate or blue cheeses. It also pairs nicely with dry fruits, foie gras and many other dishes!

PAck del paisaje al paladar | Mas Vicenç

Arlequí: Its colour is intense and dark with garnet touches. It has a complex and elegant aroma such as ripe plums, scents of vanilla and roasted coffee beans. There are also notes of certain minerals that transport drinkers to the highest vineyards of Mas Vicenç. An intense, rounded wine, with hints of wild fruits, dark chocolate and balsamic.
Flower honey: Beehives are found among different family crops such as almond trees and vineyards. Honey is born with a clear intention of preserving the ecosystem since bees maintain an essential role in the pollination of flowers and help nature to have a better stability.

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