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The fruit of this young red wine is born in one of the most emblematic bush vineyards of Mas Vicenç, planted the year 1990 in the area called “Jordans” in Cabra.

With a shady character and completely surrounded by forest, we obtain this tempranillo with a really surprising expression.

It was handy harvested the 20th of September and we used the Carbonic maceration method to potentiate its freshness.


Furthermore, for each bottle of this young wine that we elaborate, we allocate 0.50€ to a specific foundation.

This first new 2023 harvest collaborates with the SWIM FOR ELA association, a non-profit association that promotes the quality of life of people diagnosed with ALS.

”The little things are responsible for the big changes”. (Paulo Coelho)

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1-Variety: 100% Tempranillo. Bush vineyard planted in the year 1990 with our grandfather Joan Morató and our father Francesc Ferré at the helm. Its shady orientation, the wooded density of the surroundings, its ventilation and the richness of its soil offer optimal health and

2-Harvest: Manual and in boxes on September 20th. The less productive trend of the harvest is very present, with almost 40% less productivity. However, its ripening and health status were excellent.

3-Elaboration: The differential aspect is the Carbonic maceration, a technique where we respect the shape of the grapes until well into the fermentation. One box after another, we fill the stainless steel tank without a previous destem process. This will accentuate the freshness and fruity side of the young wine.

vi novell solidari mas vicens

4-Visual appearance: Medium layer, it has red and violet tones typical of its young age.

5-Bouquet: Aromatically we find sensations that may remind us of wild blackberries and strawberries with a lactic undertone.

6-Flavour: We highlight its most varietal uniqueness with spicy notes and ripe berries. With a light structure, it is delicious, refreshing and invites you to enjoy it!

7-Pairing: It is an ideal wine to share with good friends, so simple and essential in our daily lives. A good breakfast with salty herrings, a dinner with cheese and ham, well-spiced snails or a good calçotada, would be perfect moments to enjoy our young red wine. Furthermore, its charitable purpose makes it the perfect excuse to collaborate in a good cause.

8-Serving temperature: 7-9 C.

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