Castell Tallat, amphora white wine


The Castell Tallat Macabeu farm is the undisputed jewel of Mas Vicenç. It is a vineyard planted in 1912 by the great-grandfather Ramon Morató, in full resurgence of the cooperative movement in Cabra del Camp. This Macabeu plantation combines immense sentimental value and a unique fruit due to its location and good ripening capacity. Its manual selection and subsequent fermentation in clay amphora enhance the essence of the variety, the wild aromas of the estate and offer a tribute to the Roman wine-making footprint of Camp de Tarragona. Is there anything more exciting than bottling feelings?

This box has a weight of 1.25kg



Blend: 100% Centennial vine macabeu.
Harvest: 2022. Harvesting and manual selection on both the farm and the winery. Good adaptation to the environment allowed us to harvest in a state of advanced maturation.
Production: A limited production of 700 bottles.
Elaboration: Aged and fermented in a clay amphora for 5 months.
Visual apperance: Its color is pale, very crisp and bright
Bouquet: It reminds us of the most primary aromas of macabeu such as almond blossom and also contains an aniseed side that transports us to fennel, so present in the landscape.

Vino Blanco Castell Tallat - Mas Vicenç
Flavour: His palate is intense and amazing, with a lot of personality. We highlight its salinity due to exposure to marinade and the presence of calcareous soil. Apricot, ripe peach and aniseed notes are present sensations for a fresh, fine and very elegant wine.
Pairing: We pair the Castell Tallat of Mas Vicenç with greasy fish, casseroles and well-structured and aromatic rice. It will also accompany us very well with Mediterranean and Asian fusion cuisine due to its good acidity. Serving temperature: Between 6 and 10 ºC.

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