Flors i Violes – 6 Bottle Box


Flors i Violes was created to celebrate ten years of Mas Vicenç. Its name comes from a Catalan expression meaning happiness, and it is fun, smooth and jammy.

“Flors i Violes, esclata la primavera.
Temps de gaudir l’amistat, l’entusiasme,
una caravana de color convida a la festa.
Camp exuberant de perles, el fruit
es gronxa pels circells de la vinya
i a cada raig de sol un triomf de sabor
d’on regalima la vida.
Temps de plaer, bellesa, harmonia
en el desig de llavis vermells.
Celebrem el sabor i la fragància
d’una música als sentits, delicada i exòtica,
un cant valent, nou himne a l’alegria.”
Manel Pitarch

This box has a weight of 7.5 kg

Original price was: 48,00€.Current price is: 44,85€.


Blend: The main variety is the red Grenache with a 65% of the total percentage. The Syrah and Ull de Llebre varieties complete the blend with 20% and 15% respectively.
Harvest: 2019. Manual selection and picking. It was a noteworthy harvest due to the late Grenache collection (the last week of October). The low rainfall in the final months and the zone’s characteristic ventilation allowed the fruit’s ripening to be extended without the risk of rotting. The Syrah and Ull de Llebre were satisfactorily harvested in the first weeks of October.
Production: Specific three-hour maceration process. Pressed and subsequently fermented in stainless steel vats, with temperature control.

Vino Flors i Violes

Visual appearance: Fine colour with hints of apricot skin.
Bouquet: It has a noteworthy purity with the presence of mixed berries and wild red fruits.
Flavour: Easy-to-drink is the most appropriate adjective to describe ‘Flors i Violes’. It is light on the palate, with a fresh and sugary sensation. Hints of red fruits, like cherries or strawberries.
Pairing: We have several options, such as different starters, pasta dishes, fish, carpaccio or fresh cheeses. As with ‘El Terrat’ wine, good company and excellent conversation also go perfectly with the ‘Flors i Violes’.
Serving temperature: 6 ºC.

Flors i Violes
Flors i Violes
Flors i Violes
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