Malvasia de Mas Vicenç

It is a Malvasia wine aged 400 days in clay amphora under the sea of ​​Tarragona.

This wine is a tribute to the historical connection of the Romans of ancient Tarraco with wine and to the influence of the Mediterranean Sea towards our wine territory.

It is a malvasia from the finca ‘Cal Pere Blanc’ patiently evolved in the depths of the Tarragona coast, with corals embedded in the ceramics and exponentially marked saline sensations.

Under the sea, the conditions of humidity, pressure and the movement of sea currents have given the wine extraordinary sensations. We discover a creamier texture in the mouth and subtly salty aromas that veil in harmony with the floral aspect of the authocton variety.

In these amphoras we present a malvasia caressed by the sea winds and later bathed in the Tarragona waters, where food of marine origin, such as fish paella or oysters, will be a good pairing.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive Mediterranean experience!

Vintage 2022. Submerged amphoras: 50 units.

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50 in stock

50 in stock

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