Pack Single-varietal wines:Castell Tallat + La Fonollosa + Vi Novell


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Castell Tallat: 100% Macabeo from a century-old vineyard. A pale wine, very clear and bright. It reminds us of the most primary aromas of Macabeo such as almond blossom and also contains an aniseed aspect that transports us to fennel, very present in the landscape. Its palate is intense and surprising, with a lot of personality. We highlight its salinity due to exposure to sea winds and the presence of calcareous soil. Apricot, ripe peach and aniseed notes are present sensations for a fresh, fine and very elegant wine.

Pack vinos monovariedades| Mas Vicenç

La Fonollosa: 100% black Grenache. An intense cherry red wine. It transports us to wild black fruits such as blackberries or candied plums. We also usually find nuances of a mineral character and a soft bitter orange profile. Ripe sensations of raspberries and strawberries predominate over herbaceous and earthy sensations that mark the origin and 'terroir' of Fonollosa. At the same time, its palate transmits a subtly citrus freshness and a very soft tannin, which becomes a very fine and elegant wine.
Vino Novel: 2020. The fruit of this novel wine is born in one of the most emblematic vineyards of Mas Vicenç, planted in glass in the year 90 in the “Jordans de Cabra” area. With a shady character and completely surrounded by forest, we obtain a Tempranillo with surprising expression.

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