Colldecabra Rosat

Pét-nats the Colldecabra Rosé

The ancestral rosé of Mas Vicenç comes from a vineyard that we call ‘Cal Adserà’ and offers us some primary aromas that will remind us of the family of red fruits such as fresh cherries or raspberries. These are sensations that come from a Grenache fruit harvested at a rather early point of maturation to seek the most refreshing and sweet sensations of the variety. On the palate, we highlight its finesse and elegance, making it a versatile and attractive sparkling wine, ideal to share with good company.   Check the shipping conditions here  


The Colldecabra Rosé

The word ‘ancestral’ transports us to a very distant moment or also to the experiences of our ancestors. From here comes the name of this style of sparkling wines as it is the oldest method of making wine with bubbles. Colldecabra of Mas Vicenç is a name that evokes the breach between the two mountains exposed just behind the winery and also a past full of history that we want to pay tribute to. It is a special mountain neck. It’s been desired by many civilizations due to its strategic location, the gateway to the Tarragona countryside from the ‘Conca de Barberà’, a place of battles and treaties and also the origin of the millenary town of Cabra del Camp to which we belong.

Colldecabra | vi rosat Mas Vicenç

The neck is also an undeniable passageway for the north winds or the different water currents that end up flowing into the Francolí River, destination Tarragona. These are elements that, we like to emphasize, mark a clear identity to the Mas Vicenç wines. The Colldecabra labels also reveal some details that can be found on the modernist façade of the Cabra agricultural union. The majestic building was finished in 1919 during the post-phylloxera boom and led by Gaudí's honorary disciple, Cèsar Martinell. In this way, we present you the first sparkling wines in the history of Mas Vicenç. Two wines with their own identity as they transmit origin, history, territory and variety, with the prominence of Macabeu and Grenache.

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